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My husband bought One Drop Perfumes as a birthday gift. It makes me feel good because I can use different scents for different occasion. And it's only RM 40!

Amanda Watson,
I just bought One Drop Perfumes for my personal usage only, until I started selling it because my friends liked the perfume I wear. Now I'm earning more than I have in the past.

Mohd Azlan Muliadi,
Parking Attendant
It's amazing that one box contains so many perfumes and the perfumes can fit into my purse. I just need to apply a little bit and it produces a lasting smell. Truly amazing!

Anita Yunis,
As a Muslim, I am very concern about the usage of alcohol in any products. After learning One Drop Perfumes is alcohol-free perfume, I started using it until now.

Mohamad Aziz,


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Alcohol Free Pure Perfume For Men and Women

Longer lasting pure perfume oils without alcohol and fillers. With just small application, One Drop Perfumes are enough to make you smell lovely all day long. You’ll find 96 different pure perfumes as well as designers-inspired perfumes without excessive spending. That’s because we produce these perfumes by ourselves.

We have our own perfumer to recreate the most popular designers’ perfumes. As no one can claim copyright and patent a smell, everyone is permissible to create his or her own perfumes. Our pure perfume oils were only inspired by designers’ perfumes, but not representing them.

Looking for specific alcohol free perfumes? You’ll find a complete selection of pure perfumes for men and women. Whether you’re looking for varieties in 1 box or individual scents, you’ll find the right one for you.

Check out our online perfume store now and browse our products to find affordable perfume oils.