4 Unique Fragrances Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day

mother's day gifts

What do you give for the woman that has done everything for you?

That’s a question a lot of people asks themselves as Mother’s Day creeps up. Since our time as a kid, we tend to give something different to our mother each year. This year, a little more might be expected for Mother’s Day gifts.

It doesn’t have to be a daunting task actually. Perfume is always a great gift. Give mom something that lets her indulge herself.  Mom will love the attention these Mother’s Day gifts bring her way.

To help you out with the selection of perfume for this Mother’s Day, here are 4 unique fragrances that mom will love:

1. Women Normal Set 2 from One Drop Perfumes

alcohol free perfume women normal set 2

Choose from over a half dozen fragrances. You can spend all that money on more expensive brands that contain alcohol and commercial fillers, or go with perfume oils that lasts up to 12 hours and won’t irritate the skin.

This set has 8 delicate and oriental floral scents that don’t evaporate like most. Your mom doesn’t have to over apply, or even reapply, to maintain the scent she gets when apply for the first time.


2. Women Mini Set 4 from One  Drop Perfumes

alcohol free perfume women mini-set 4

The mini sets contain four appealing scents with sharp floral and woody fragrances that have different reactions depending on body chemistry.

These are excellent Mother’s Day gifts as these smaller bottles will give Mom a taste of what a really good fragrance has to offer.


3. Women Medium Set 3 from One  Drop Perfumes

alcohol free perfume women medium set 3

These each contain three wondrous fragrances that last all day. This set is packed in an elegant transparent bottle, so your mom can gauge the content of the perfume before it is finished.

All these scents have been inspired by more expensive products and promise to give mom long lasting performance well after her special day has passed.


4. Women Single Bottles From One Drop Perfumes

women single-bottle banner

Ever buy a box of perfume with different scents but you prefer one scent only? Your problem solves here. You have the liberty to choose your Mother’s Day perfume gift that comes in individual bottles.

These are 10 ml color coated bottles that go a lot farther than any of those higher costs, over-the-counter scents. These concentrated formulas promise to satisfy Mom and save you some cash to boot. For Mother’s Day gifts, one of these bottles would be ideal.

Get one of these by ordering perfume online and let the scents remind her you think she’s special.


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